Immagine del prodotto Distributore di unguento Cobagin 75ml
Immagine del prodotto Distributore di unguento Cobagin 75ml

Distributore di unguento Cobagin 75ml

Generalmente pronto per la spedizione entro 24 ore. Dettagli

Rapidly soothing half-fat ointment nourishes and supports the skin with natural immune proteins during regeneration and nourishes the skin with aloe vera in a lasting way. Frankincense, grape seed oil and water from Damask Rose help with itching, tension, dry chapped skin and menopausal symptoms. The ointment provides preventive protection, is cooling and slightly moisturising, without leaving a sticky feeling or feeling wet. Optimally suited for body care on irritated areas as well as for intimate care.


Apply the ointment once or twice a day to the appropriate areas of skin. The pump dispenser makes the ointment easy to dose and very economical.


All the raw materials used are naturally obtained and from sustainable cultivation. Contains no parabens, silicones or paraffins.


cold-pressed grape seed oil, rose water, nutmeg fat, incense resin extract, concentrated aloe vera gel extract, cold-pressed milk extract, wax from leaves and stems candelilla bushes, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, immune proteins, regeneration proteins